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Re: [JBC] - video opportunity - but it will cost..

From: Bob Lyons <>
Date: Thu 28 Jun 2001 - 20:35:42 PDT

At 02:43 PM 6/28/01 -0700, David Whittemore wrote:
>so someone who does this sort of thing for a living has contacted
>me and "offered" to do a 3-camera DV of the JBC LA show. he wants
>a buttload of money for the gig - around $1400.
>this will only happen if some of the richer among us steps up to
>pick up the bill.
>contact me ASAP if you are feeling like making a substantial donation
>for the cause.
>-david (
>don't make me stop this computer

         How reliable is this here fella, Dave?
         Are you confident of a good product?
Received on Thu, 28 Jun 2001 23:35:42 -0400
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