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Re: [JBC] pat's 2 pence

From: Scott Deschaine <>
Date: Mon 05 Nov 2001 - 10:42:26 PST

Thanks to Mr. Fish for providing a welcome perspective on the whole uproar.

I was hoping that the attachment of the controversial link was not an endorsement, and it is a big relief to find that it is indeed not. I thought that it was inadvertent. What I thought more likely was that David W. placed it at the bottom of Pat's message to stir up some controversy. (Just kidding!)

I assume most people on this list live in societies where varied ideas are tolerated. This is one of the greatest treasures of our time. And the freedom of speech, expression, press, thought and religion we enjoy are due in no small part to the commitment and efforts of the United States to protect these freedoms over the last several hundred years.

So I find repellent the monomaniacs like the compiler of "whatiwanttobelievereallyhappenedinmyparanoidfantasies", who start from the assumption that America is an evil force, and select bits of fact and twisted rumors to support their fantasies. To try to refute the flawed logic of such arguments is like dealing with a tar baby, or a psychic vampire. You will never change their mind. For the few people who want to blame Sept. 11 on the United States, I sincerely recommend professional help in dealing with their delusions. But they are certainly free to believe and say what they want.

With personal freedom comes the responsibility to broaden one's mind. We shouldn't be afraid of ideas. In fact, we should entertain opposing ideas, to see if our currently held values stand up. One can rant and rail about the "big media lies," but if that is all you choose to consume, who do you have to blame? In the age of the internet and global distribution of printed, recorded and digital media, individuals have access to more information than ever before. Even information like "whatreallyhappened", which you as an individual are free to read or ignore.

To those who find the outraged response to anti-American propaganda indicative of "suppressing dissent," consider the choice in the current conflict.

A society where:

-Women and minorities of all types are empowered
-Information of all kinds is readily available
-Technology is available to make life healthier and more pleasant
-Individuals have freedom to succeed or fail on their own merits
-People are free to say or think what they believe
-People can worship as they choose

versus a society where:

-Women are suppressed and minorities are killed
-Information is tightly controlled by the rulers and a person can be killed
for having a radio
-Primitive conditions mean each person is preoccupied with daily survival
(when was the last time YOU had to worry about from where your next drink of clean water was coming?)
-Individuals who are educated or who express any dissent are killed
-People who believe differently and want to worship differently are killed

Your choice!

My two cents,

Scott D. Received on Mon, 05 Nov 2001 12:42:26 -0600

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