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Re: JBC Video

From: Arcane <>
Date: Fri 29 Jun 2001 - 08:32:47 PDT

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Clark E. Morgan wrote:
> It's a good deal, what this guy is offering IF he knows what he's doing and
> he can and will deliver. I was focused more on the hesitant way David
> brought the idea up than the idea itself.

Something else that bothers me about this . . .

This guy approached David... Why? Does he approach people for every show that happens there? Probably not, so why us? Is he a JBC fan himself who wants a video and figures he can make a quick buck off of it by selling it to all of us? Did he hear about people buying the $100 tour packages that the band offered last time around and think we're a group of people with too much money on our hands that he would be glad to take? What exactly is his prior experience with such filming?

I would be far less suspicious if David had looked into it himself and found that was the cost. For this guy just to appear out of nowhere and "volunteer" his services seems potentially questionable. Far too many scams start that way.

> If you got a
> good feed to DAT or MiniDisc from the sound board and recorded a separate
> feed to DAT or MiniDisc from a couple boom mikes, you could put together
> a great CD

Yeah, DAT being the preferable option, though, since it's got a lot better sound quality than MiniDisc.

OK, so here's a stupid question... Does anyone who's planning on going own a DV camera and an imac (or hell, even just a VHS camera) that might be interested in just making a fan film of the show and distributing it through a tape tree like we've done with audio recordings in the past? While it would be cool to have a professional video, in a case like this where we don't know how professional it's really going to be anyway it might be smarter to go with a more DIY version.

> > Also, how is this going to be delivered? I'd be much more inclined to
> > pony up $100 for a DVD than for a videocassette.
> Based on the anticipated sales, this wuld push the unit cost way up.
> Mastering for a GOOD DVD is no rude feat.

More than a unit cost of $100? I'm not really looking for a "GOOD" DVD, something identical to a VHS copy in every way (no indexing, etc.) would be fine. I just prefer DVD because, unlike VHS, DVDs don't deteriorate with age. I can't see sinking $100 into a video that will be unwatchable in 5 years. And there are places popping up all over that transfer home videos to DVD, so it can't be that difficult/expensive to do.

> > I'm willing to bet there are semi-professional film people all over LA.
> I am sure this is right. We've used them before; and a lot of them own
> their own equipment.

Do you remember how much they cost?

Matt Received on Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:32:47 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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