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SF Show

From: John Thomas <>
Date: Thu 12 Jul 2001 - 11:18:54 PDT

Bloody Brilliant Show I must say!

I have been waiting 12 years to see JBC and it was well worth the wait. Only got to see the 7pm show since I was going out of town this morning and I live 60 miles away from the gig so I am curious if he played any different songs at the 10pm show. Here was the first set in no particular order (making allowences for my spotty memory):

Girls who keep goldfish
Southern Mark Smith (the opener)
soul happy hour
caroline wheeler's b-day present
sweet jane
human jungle
who love's you know
angels (best song of the night in my opinion) Mr. Odd
She's on drugs
Come on Marie
I hate Love (i think)
Come Friendly Spaceman
Take the Skinheads Bowling
Plus one more off Rotten Soul whose name escapes me now.

Only two songs that I wanted to hear that weren't played: "Shirley Maclaine" and "Bakersfield" (I was born and raised in there so I had hopes).

Hey David, I didn't know you haunt the San Fran region. That is good to know. Can you give us a recap of the 10 pm show? Also, who were the "Royalty" that Pat refered to (names were Jack and Anna I believe). He made a special hello to them in the audience and I was just morbidly curious. And to anyone who has Pat's ear; "Let's make this an annual event please. We don't see enough of you".

Pat looked very dapper in a Black Polo and Max was MR. Cool in his Shades. All is right in the universe now that they are playing together again. And how old is Steve Valentine anyway; 15?

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