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New VJ JBC Releases

From: Mike <>
Date: Tue 17 Jul 2001 - 21:41:23 PDT

How about top hated compilations?

That should be easy...

The Butch has maybe 13 Original Albums and 10 Compilations / Live LPs and only 2 or 3 hold their weight.

I've heard Pat say that a few of them - like Western Family - SUCK!

What's is the point of the new one.... Why can't they release all the shite that is really impossible to find on the comp and then release the albums for the rest!

They are releasing Scandal and Distressed Gentlefolk and Cake City....

Five songs are already redundant... and I assume in the next year or so that at least 3 more songs will be redundant as well (lovecats, Human Jungle, What's a matter b?)

**CK **CK **CK

"CAKE CITY" LP­ Girlfriend; Soul Happy Hour; Whatšs the Matter Boy?; The Human Jungle;
  Who Loves You Now?; Nothing Special; Caroline Wheeleršs Birthday Present;   Big Bad Thing; Love Kittens; Road Runner; Big Old Wind; City of Night; Sweet
  Jane; Knocking on Heavenšs Door

  CD also includes ­ Affection; Speedy Gonzalez; Over you; May I?; Water.

Why can't the CD or CD's look more like: (B-SIDES AND the Such)

CD1- Water ; Cowgirl Fever, Lost in France, Christmas With the Pygmies, Vodka Girls, City of Night; Olaf Palme, Vienna, Hard,Thing, Forever, Peter Lore, Conspiracy, Big Old Wind; It Has to Be You, Rebecca Wants Her bike Back, South America, Blame, Excellent, Almost Brooklyn, We Love you,

(I'm sure there are a few more choice cuts)

CD2 ONLY - Affection; May I?; Sweet Jane; Knocking on Heavenšs Door; Road Runner; Speedy Gonzalez; Over you; Heartache Following me, Leaving it up to You, Spooky,

FINALLY!!! Draining the Glass and Such Comps are great - if there is no hope of ever owning the actual Album. But if they are going to release them then there is NO POINT in putting that same shite on the Comp!!!!

But, I'm sure we'll simply be relegated to the back of the line. And I'll be listening to a very poor mpg of Christmas with the Pygmies and maybe 'Blame' is not the best song -- but I'll never know...

-Sly Wong - Word to the JBC Received on Tue, 17 Jul 2001 21:41:23 -0700

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