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Re: Lyrics

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Thu 19 Jul 2001 - 06:29:43 PDT

Yeah, a friend of mine and I always say to each other, when things don't turn out quite right, "Well, you know they only make pop records out of plastic," which is twisting it a bit but we enjoy....

And, the "Vot you vant?" is a common one 'round here as well....

I feel pretty confident that I saw Pat change the words on Still & All live one time to "If I was going to die, you'd be the girl I'd want to jump from..." Brilliant lyric combo/jumble, I think, and one of my favorite of his live performance word-changes...


  • Mike Egli <> wrote:
    > On top of the favorite lyrics question, how many
    > lyrics of the JBC have
    > become part of your everyday speech? I, for one,
    > frequently use, "this
    > butcher's checking out" (JB v CD - Hamburg) when
    > leaving work, a party, or
    > any type of gathering.
    > Or how about "Vat you vant?" (Big Bad Thing)
    > As far as favorite lyrics, I've always been a sucker
    > for totally sappy
    > lyrics like - "If I was going to die, you'd be the
    > girl I'd want to die
    > for." and "You're already beautiful, you don't need
    > to be tragic as well."
    > both from Still and All.
    > Mike

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