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JBC -- v-- Paw Paw, MI

From: <Jazzbutcher84820_at_***com>
Date: Thu 19 Jul 2001 - 15:44:45 PDT

So how do we convince the Butcher to play Chicago, Detroit, or some point in between -- like Paw Paw, MI !?.

Paw Paw, MI was described by the Butcher himself during some between song banter as a town like something out of the David Lynch film Blue Velvet. Could it have been the sprinklers on the small groomed lawns and the shiny red firetrucks at the station? Hmmmmmm....

Post Fishcoteque they were traveling in their beat to crap Dodge van from Detroit to Chicago (saw it parked in front of the then Caberet Metro) for a show with the Blue Aeroplanes and stopped in Paw Paw for a bite to eat. The Aeroplanes BTW were traveling in a nice bus thanks to their record contract -- and pissed that they were alternately billed as 'opening' for the Jazz Butcher.

I live somewhat near Paw Paw now and the irony and definately the comments are lodged with me forever...

jim Received on Thu, 19 Jul 2001 18:44:45 EDT

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