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Re: JBC -- v-- Paw Paw, MI

From: <>
Date: Thu 19 Jul 2001 - 17:38:41 PDT

One can't believe my astonishment at the sight of the Butcher, Paw Paw, Michigan and Blue Velvet in the same posting. I, too, live near Paw Paw (Kalamazoo to be exact) and have often thought of the number of entertainers (including the JBC) who have driven down I-94 between Detroit and Chicago right past my door.

Perhaps if Jim and I work together, we may be able to convince Pat and the lads to make another pitstop, maybe for more than some fast food and a restroom at Stuckeys. After all, I have a spacious home with nice, comfortable floors and a couch or two. Surely my wife and kids won't mind the intrusion. What the hell, Pat and Max can have our bed and we'll sleep on the floor (just keep them out of our liquor cabinet).

Lastly, on the favorite lyrics thread, I have a few to ponder;

"Talk about bloodsports

 Even the spectators get killed
 You can see the cars
 You just can't get out of their way" - She's on Drugs

"Think about a government entirely (totally) of crooks" - JV vs. PM

"You can dine with the devil

 With Errol Flynn at fifty by your side
 And Tallulah fucking Bankhead at your feet" and

"There's no point you're almost gone

 Cuz the devil doesn't wait for tawdry last goodbyes

 And that's OK, they're stupid anyway"                     -   Walk with the 

"I bet she doesn't even know what a trope is
 What's going to become of a girl so permanently disarmed?

 I don't know"                                     -   The Ugliest Song in 
the World

Looking forward to the releases of Scandal, Distressed and Cake City. It'll be nice to have the former two on CD and the latter, although redundant, provides a few songs which are seldom seen and others which may have improved sound quality. Are there any alternate live versions and/or demos available from some of the tracks such as Roadrunner, Who Loves You Now? or Soul Happy Hour? Perhaps that would enhance such a compilation.

Thanks and cheers to those fortunate enough to see the boys in California.

Greg Received on Thu, 19 Jul 2001 20:38:41 EDT

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