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From: Darren B <>
Date: Fri 24 Aug 2001 - 15:13:46 PDT

         Fellow JBC'ers,
       It's good to see the list jumpin' again! The debate regarding
       the new Vinyl releases brought to mind the age old Big Question:
          "Is The Glass Half Empty, Or Half Full?"
       Take your pick. It looks pretty tasty to me!
       I have really enjoyed the submissions for a 'Dream Tribute CD'
       With that, I humbly offer my own list for your perusal.
       1. Girl Go- Ozzy
       2. Racheland- Oasis
       3. Honey- Richard Ashcroft
       4. Falling In Love- Lucinda Williams
       5. Angels- World Party
       6. Death Dentist- Marilyn Manson
       7. Sixteen Years- Elvis Costello
       8. Red Pets- Green Day
       9. Susie- The Jesus & Mary Chain
      10. Rosemary Davis World Of Sound- Brian Eno
          With Vinyl Japan 'Bonus Tracks' for JBC List Members!
      11. Mister Siberia- Leonard Cohen
      12. Zombie Love- The Feelies
      Thanks for the Fun, I'm off to visit Betty Page with
      Jonathan Richman!
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