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Re: Gouging

From: Doc <>
Date: Fri 14 Sep 2001 - 12:15:41 PDT

  • Arcane <> wrote:
    > Well, I seem to remember that they're not actually being released by Vinyl
    > Japan to retailers until September 21st. So these retailers are either
    > selling pre-release promos, or they mail ordered them at full cost
    > themselves and have marked them up to make a profit above that. Still
    > despicable, but I wouldn't rush to condemn all retailers for it.

I would as it's possible to directly order the discs from the source.

But then again I'm running on three hours' sleep and the world's a very different place right now...

> Personally, I'm waiting until the release date, when I'll pick them up at
> a local record store. Overseas ordering to Vinyl Japan is just more of a
> hassle than I want to deal with at the moment.

Eh? What hassle? You send an e-mail with shipping details. Put the first six or seven digits in another email, put the remaining digits in a final e-mail. The whole thing takes less than a minnit.


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