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RE: What really happened...

From: Jennifer Dunn <>
Date: Fri 02 Nov 2001 - 08:49:00 PST

Amen, brother! That's exactly what I was thinking, but didn't have the time to convey it. I know there's the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, but that doesn't warrant thinking EVERYTHING is a conspiracy!

My 2 cents are that the website is all bunch of 'hooey'-- saying that the whole terrorist/anthrax/war thing is a conspiracy and a farce, propagated by Bush & the US. Pisses me off to think of it. Yes, our government is corrupt, but THAT corrupt... I THINK NOT. (Not to mention, our government being that smart, organized and covert... once again... I THINK NOT.)

Granted, everyone in America has a right to view the site... and everyone in America is entitled to their opinion... that is why it is AMERICA, after all, right? You, Pat and I should feel grateful we live in a country, (whether it be Britain or America), where we can spread the rubbish and offend as we feel necessary-- and I am grateful.

Dazed & Confused (aka: Jen)
Charlotte, NC, USA

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> Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 11:19 AM
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> Subject: What really happened...
> to my respect for Pat...
> If any of you went to the website you
> will see a load of anti-american garbage saying how bad things
> are for Afghanistan, doubting the identity of the sept 11th
> terrorists and basically blaming the US for everything that has
> happenend. I didn't stay on the site for long but I saw enough...
> Pat, surely you don't believe any of the rubbish on this website.
> Don't you realise how popular you are in the US? and how many
> people on this list you will offend by advertising the site in a
> note containing good news that the JBC are playing more gigs...
> By the way, I am British but live in the US.
> Ian
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