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Re: What really happened...

From: Dagmar <>
Date: Fri 02 Nov 2001 - 09:19:45 PST

Isn't freedom of speech a wonderful thing? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle... I think the point of websites such as this is to alert us to question what we are told by the media (our media) and also not to blindly follow what our 'leaders' may tell us is the "truth du jour".

Certainly many government agencies are in the business of misinformation, or presenting information in the light that benefits the current situation. Our jobs as citizens is to question when we find inconsistencies, not NOT elect leaders that do not represent what we want, and to speak out when we perceive injustices being done.

The goal is NOT to bash each other here or abroad, but to try to find a way to live together as best we can... peace!

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  Amen, brother! That's exactly what I was thinking, but didn't have the time   to convey it. I know there's the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, but that doesn't   warrant thinking EVERYTHING is a conspiracy!

  My 2 cents are that the website is all bunch of 'hooey'-- saying that the   whole terrorist/anthrax/war thing is a conspiracy and a farce, propagated by   Bush & the US. Pisses me off to think of it. Yes, our government is   corrupt, but THAT corrupt... I THINK NOT. (Not to mention, our government   being that smart, organized and covert... once again... I THINK NOT.)

  Granted, everyone in America has a right to view the site... and everyone in   America is entitled to their opinion... that is why it is AMERICA, after   all, right? You, Pat and I should feel grateful we live in a country,   (whether it be Britain or America), where we can spread the rubbish and   offend as we feel necessary-- and I am grateful.

  Dazed & Confused (aka: Jen)
  Charlotte, NC, USA

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> Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 11:19 AM
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> Subject: What really happened...
> to my respect for Pat...
> If any of you went to the website you
> will see a load of anti-american garbage saying how bad things
> are for Afghanistan, doubting the identity of the sept 11th
> terrorists and basically blaming the US for everything that has
> happenend. I didn't stay on the site for long but I saw enough...
> Pat, surely you don't believe any of the rubbish on this website.
> Don't you realise how popular you are in the US? and how many
> people on this list you will offend by advertising the site in a
> note containing good news that the JBC are playing more gigs...
> By the way, I am British but live in the US.
> Ian
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