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RE: What really happened...

From: Sean Walter <>
Date: Fri 02 Nov 2001 - 13:24:51 PST

this has to be the liveliest the discussion i've ever seen on this'd think it was the jbc their very selves that were being bombed into oblivion (only I suppose then we'd all have the same opinion).

so on that note, can we at least all agree that The Onion Field is an awesome song,* that Pat is still under-appreciated by the world, that his music might bring us some measure of cheer in these ugly times, and dump the free-speech / conspiracy-theory / government-corruption / corporate-influence / go-usa / no-usa / where's-cat shtick onto our friends rather than our fellow fans? i'm scared, paranoid and suspicious, but on the bright side, i'm also still really psyched that distressed gentlefolk is back on the shelves.

thanks pat and everyone for keeping the jbc going, and have a great weekend no matter what you believe.

  • I know exactly what I'm starting here... -----Original Message----- From: jim smith [] Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 2:34 PM To: Subject: Re: What really happened...

  Oh yes that's right. What did Bush say? "Yer either with us or a Guinness."
  I think I'd rather be a Guinness.

  -----Original Message-----
    From: []     Sent: 02 November 2001 18:14
    Subject: Re: What really happened...     My point being that not being an American means i am not blindly supporting

    the US just cos that's where i was born. However I am supporting their     action by not just sitting and taking it up the arse from the terrorists     like you peace brigade beatniks would do...     I just wonder what the remaining Brits on the list would be saying if the

    atrocities had happened in London and your favourite US band leader was     promoting anti-british web sites...
    Hmm indeed...
    -----Original Message-----
    From : Tom Zimmer <>     To :
    Date : 02 November 2001 17:01:45
    Subject : Re: What really happened...
> If any of you went to the website
>> you will see a load of anti-american garbage saying how bad
>> things are for Afghanistan, doubting the identity of the sept
>> 11th terrorists and basically blaming the US for everything
>> that has happenend. I didn't stay on the site for long but I
>> saw enough...
>Perhaps if youŭd stayed there longer youŭd not have seen it as
    anti-American garbage, but just an alternative news view of the situation.

    If you think Re! si! dent Bush and his aging cold war rior cabinet are telling

    the truth and nothing but the truth, thereŭs this bridge in Brooklyn Iŭve

    been looking to sell. I think the stories and the author of the site raise

    some damned interesting questions that are NOT being answered by the Feds or

    the mainstream media.
>> Pat, surely you don't believe any of the rubbish on this
>> website. Don't you realise how popular you are in the US? and
>> how many people on this list you will offend by advertising
>> the site in a note containing good news that the JBC are
>> playing more gigs...
>What? Weŭre not all as narrow minded as that (and apparently you).
>> By the way, I am British but live in the US.
>Your point being?

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