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Re: What really happened...

From: Sr. Quint Lollipop <>
Date: Fri 02 Nov 2001 - 17:10:46 PST

On 11/2/01 wrote:

> My point being that not being an American means i am not blindly supporting
> the US just cos that's where i was born. However I am supporting their
> action by not just sitting and taking it up the arse from the terrorists
> like you peace brigade beatniks would do..."

just a couple thoughts:

As an American, this pisses me off! For one, more US aggression will surely breed more terrorists and foster more hatred for the US-- that should be painfully obvious now. That's why i'm against it, I just don't enjoy civilians dying for our governments messed up actions/policies. We can send 100's of thousands of troups to Afghanistan, but we can't come up with enough people to defend our borders? WTF? does that sound right to you? I excpected something big like this to happen long ago our government surely should've, it's pretty obvious to me, it's gonna come back at you eventually. How many "US out of ___" have there been ...duh!

"peace brigade beatniks would do..." ???? uh? we should get off our fat arse and take back the whitehouse that seems to be hell bent on corporate global domination! I would use more violent terms for what we should do but... fear my government.

It's a waste of time to even discuss this here, it's all goes too deep. and sadly it's even hard to get any accurate information/news on it in this "free" (yeah, right) country.
America needs to be freed!
-Sr. Received on Fri, 02 Nov 2001 17:10:46 -0800

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