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RE: David J in Phoenix!

From: Jennifer Dunn <>
Date: Mon 26 Nov 2001 - 06:09:02 PST

Thanks for the FYI! David will also be playing an acoustic set in Charlotte, NC at The Visulite Theatre on Saturday, December 1... (which is more importantly my birthday! haha :) ) This will be a show similar to VH-1's "Storytellers", wherein he will tell stories between the songs. I have begged him to try his hand at an old Jazz Butcher song... we'll see!

So, if anyone of you are in the neighborhood, stop by!


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> From: Sonia Bovio []
> Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2001 1:43 PM
> To: jbclist
> Subject: David J in Phoenix!
> I'm hoping the JBC list is back up and running and figured I could test it
> with this bit of news:
> I just discovered that David J will be playing in Phoenix, Arizona this
> Tuesday at the Mason Jar. I think there are only two of us
> "listies" in town
> but thought I'd share the info in case anyone else happens to be here on
> holiday or looking for an excuse to travel.
> Peace,
> Sonia
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