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Re: Video

From: Mary D White <>
Date: Tue 03 Jul 2001 - 18:27:20 PDT

hi co-conspirators,

it's been way too long since i've been in touch. I hope my letter gets some responses with those i promised copies of the shows from last year tour. i still have all your info, and dave whittmore gets the first copy. i'm speaking of the philly (bad copy only first 12 songs or so (we all had problems taping this one, the stage where we were recording was cheap plywood and the dancing made the minidiscs skip), iota club, and nyc show. if any of you that went were able to get copies from someone else, I apologize. my life has been crazy; my brother tried to convert to cd, but they came out screwed up, but I just bought my own cd burner for my stereo, so I've started recording tonight and wil finish up this weekend. If you had asked me for a copy and got one already, please let me know so I don't make to many.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. When the JBC were kind enough to give their permission to tape, I was advised that under no circumstances could I sell them. I wouldn't do it anyway, since they technically belong to the JBC. I was simply allowed by them to tape and give to the co-conspirators. I don't know a lot about what they are attempting to do for the SoCal shows, but the price seems kind of high. If the net profit after the expense of taping goes to Pat, Max, Owen, et al. then I'm all for it.

But if this is just a charge the taper feels is worth his time and trouble, I'm totally against. I perceived the price of my ticket to the show did one thing. It simply allowed me to take part in something I have been dying to do since I first heard the bands on vinyl. That was to see them live. The fact that I was able to memorialize the show with an audio copy is just icing on the cake.

I also want to get a copy to the band, and they have my permission to listen in and use any of it for a live album if they want. If they choose to do that, I won't even distribute my copy of the shows because I'd never want to profit from their talent, or work, or hurt potential sales of the live disc.

Like I said, I don't know much about what is going on, so I apologize in advance if I've said something that isn't accurate.


your co-conspirator
john m spence

please e-mail your request for copies of lst years show to my aol address, so i can keep them straight.

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