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RE: my conspiracy theory

From: Andy Loynes <>
Date: Sat 03 Nov 2001 - 04:15:31 PST

If we've moved on from The War Against Terrorism (interesting acronym) to The War Against Fake Accents, surely the makers of Frasier should be first up against the wall. How are us Limeys supposed to cope when confronted by Daphne who's alleged to come from Manchester (England, where the place was invented) and has an accent which can't be placed anywhere in the known universe (and worse still her brother who appears to be Dick Van Dyke's long lost, drug-addled nephew. Cor blimey mate, strike a light and roll out the barrel as we all say here). To add to the confusion, Martin is played by someone who really does come from Manchester (England) but is as American as McDonald's Apple Pie with obligatory 'Watch Out Dumb Folk They're Hot' sticker.

One more thing, you people across the Atlantic don't call each other 'Yanks' but girls are 'chicks'? Just what are we supposed to believe?

As we really do say over here on this little island, only in America!


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From: Kirk Biglione [] Sent: 03 November 2001 02:58
Subject: Re: my conspiracy theory

She's probably got one of them fake American accents too.

> That chick Rosemary is not a "yank", because yanks
> don't call themselves "yanks", nor do they say they
> like something "rather a lot." She can't be trusted.
> p.s.I never post anything, but since everyone,
> including the fake american girl, is riled-up, thought
> I'd join in. I wish I was smart enough to figure this
> whole ugly thing out, and how to rid the world of
> terrorism...was lulled into a false sense of security
> and safety, like most Americans, and didn't pay enough
> attention to what was going on in the rest of our
> small world or to what's been done in our country's
> name. I'm paying lots of attention now.
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