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From: Doc <>
Date: Tue 15 Jan 2002 - 15:57:48 PST


Managed to actually record the show, via the net.

I have NO idea if it sounds like Pat shouting through a bullhorn yet, so don't be a-floodin' me with requests for tapes until I get a chance to listen to (and possibly cleanup) the audio.


  • David Whittemore <> wrote:
    > this, just in from pat..
    > Hi Dave
    > Pat here, calling from the 12 Bar Club.
    > Folks can see tonight's show on the internet at:
    > A password is needed, but the server sends it back almost immediately.
    > Check out the carnage in the West End tonight.
    > Love,
    > Pat
    > xxx
    > _____________________________________________________________
    > I don't just watch TV I use it

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