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Re: [JBC] Wilson Warfare

From: Bob Lyons <>
Date: Mon 18 Mar 2002 - 19:29:54 PST

At 12:46 PM 3/18/2002 -0800, David Whittemore wrote:
>think pat'll get into trouble over the logo?

         that or Tom Hanks will show up
         at all Wilson shows whispering
         sweet nothings into any ear that
         a friend of mine has a band called Furious George.
         well, houghton-mifflin didn't care for that very much
         since they own curious george.
         so, they sued poor george and they went on the
         people's court or judge judy - i forget which.
         and george won.  he gets to keep his leather
         clad version of the curious variety.
         in fact, houghton-mifflin just sued jews for jesus
         because they too used a curious copy of george
         in their pamphlets.
         so, george, my george, gave jews for jesus permission
         to use his very own leather clad furious george.
         and furious george is jewish
         i think curious george is methodist.
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