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Re: [JBC] scandal/sex CD

From: William Blake <>
Date: Wed 10 Apr 2002 - 14:13:51 PDT

   Hello David,

        In the past 10 or so odd years I have myself owned about 5 copies of this particular disc...3 which were given to Pat, Max, & Owen respectively(believe it or not they did not have their own copies of it and Owen had never even seen it until I showed it to him!)

       ....they all were 2 albums on 1 disc(Scandal In Bohemia/Sex & Travel).

I myself have never seen the 2 disc set...

       Here are the numbers printed on the inside of the disc on my last copy....

             GLA CD 009 MPO 05         I hope this helps....

        Best Wishes,


David Whittemore wrote:

> this is a question for those of you who KNOW that you own an original
> copy of the "A Scandal in Bohemia/Sex & Travel" CD.
> i remember this CD (from seeing one pre-1990) as being in a "double thick"
> CD case - and there being TWO CD's.
> is my memory incorrect?
> also - if you have a copy of this disc in front of you, please send me
> a reply with the numbers printed on the inside ring of the CD.
> thanks!
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> -david (
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