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Re: [JBC] live CDRs, a protocol proposal

From: Glen Davis <>
Date: Thu 02 May 2002 - 11:13:48 PDT

Apologies to David, the first time I sent this, I just hit reply and only sent it to him.

I absolutely agree with David here. If at all possible, it is best to go from a digital source like DAT to wave via an optical cable into a good sound card that doesn't resample input (on a computer) or to a cdr recorder. Maybe we should hold off on starting to trade around cdrs that were mastered from cassettes. Someday, we all hope, David will be able to 'release the vault' as it were (hopefully as shns), and then we'd all need to start replacing our cassette generation copies. I guess I've just be jonesing for some of the older shows and David's probably the only one who was able to capture those gems on a DAT instead of a walkman held up in the audience.

Ideally, IMO, what would work best and easiest, is if the best known copy around is converted to shn format (a lossless compression format) and then we could ftp shn files with each other. That way there is no generational loss, everyone has an exact clone of the original (shn files have check sums), and people can do whatever the hell they like with them ... i.e. convert and burn them to cdr or dvdr or play them directly with shnamp. This isn't exactly a new idea, it's exactly what we've been doing with jam band shows (Dead, Phish, Moe, MMW, Dave Mathews, etc.) and Pink Floyd shows for the last several years. Everyone gets a clone where we know everything from what mics, DAT machine, cable, soundcard, editing program, etc. to who taped the show in the first place.

Any thoughts on this idea.

  • Original Message ----- From: "David Whittemore" <>
    > please, for the love of the music, if you do this, be SURE to specify:
    > generation (master clone, gen 1, gen 2, gen X, unknown)
    > processing (dry, EQ, etc)
    > originator contact information (who'd it come from)
    > this way, one can always try to strive to get closer to the master.
    > me? i'm not going to burn any of my 80 JBC DATs to disc until they can
    > be held in their entirety on a single disc - which means i'm waiting for
    > DVD burning to standardize or until something more sane comes along.
    > --
    > -david (
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