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Re: [JBC] live CDRs, a protocol proposal

From: Brandon <>
Date: Thu 02 May 2002 - 11:29:53 PDT

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 11:13:48AM -0700, Glen Davis wrote:

I second this in every way - bandwidth allowing, this seems to be the best way for lossless shows to make their way around, coupled of course with a cd-r tree for the bandwidth-impared. :)

I also second that, as a late JBC convert (first experience was being dragged to the SF GAMH reunion show in '98) I have missed quite a few tours that I'd love to at least get a sense of...


> Apologies to David, the first time I sent this, I just hit reply and only
> sent it to him.
> I absolutely agree with David here. If at all possible, it is best to go
> from a digital source like DAT to wave via an optical cable into a good
> sound card that doesn't resample input (on a computer) or to a cdr recorder.
> Maybe we should hold off on starting to trade around cdrs that were mastered
> from cassettes. Someday, we all hope, David will be able to 'release the
> vault' as it were (hopefully as shns), and then we'd all need to start
> replacing our cassette generation copies.
> I guess I've just be jonesing for some of the older shows and David's
> probably the only one who was able to capture those gems on a DAT instead of
> a walkman held up in the audience.
> Ideally, IMO, what would work best and easiest, is if the best known copy
> around is converted to shn format (a lossless compression format) and then
> we could ftp shn files with each other. That way there is no generational
> loss, everyone has an exact clone of the original (shn files have check
> sums), and people can do whatever the hell they like with them ... i.e.
> convert and burn them to cdr or dvdr or play them directly with shnamp.
> This isn't exactly a new idea, it's exactly what we've been doing with jam
> band shows (Dead, Phish, Moe, MMW, Dave Mathews, etc.) and Pink Floyd shows
> for the last several years. Everyone gets a clone where we know everything
> from what mics, DAT machine, cable, soundcard, editing program, etc. to who
> taped the show in the first place.
> Any thoughts on this idea.
> Glen
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> From: "David Whittemore" <>
> > please, for the love of the music, if you do this, be SURE to specify:
> >
> > generation (master clone, gen 1, gen 2, gen X, unknown)
> > processing (dry, EQ, etc)
> > originator contact information (who'd it come from)
> >
> > this way, one can always try to strive to get closer to the master.
> >
> > me? i'm not going to burn any of my 80 JBC DATs to disc until they can
> > be held in their entirety on a single disc - which means i'm waiting for
> > DVD burning to standardize or until something more sane comes along.
> >
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> > -david (
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