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[JBC] Highly Recommended Appreciation Technique

From: <>
Date: Tue 09 Jul 2002 - 14:02:39 PDT

Dearest JBC fans at home on a broad:

You could put Every Single Friggin Song You Own on your computer with "Exact Audio Copy", a free utility which spins your disc 5,10,15 times to ensure the best guess at bits off yer scratched and smudged JBC discs, You Damned Fool.

Then you could grab "AudioCatalyst" or some GOOD compression program and smack those songs down to 192kbps MP3.

Then you could burn The Entire Conspiracy to a 2 MP3 CD-R disc compendium. If you use the Black CD-Rs which have excellent scratch resistance on BOTH top and bottom, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour.

Then you could go to Best Buy or Some Other Wank-Pulling Megastore, slap the associate before he so much as says hello, and buy a "TDK Mojo Portable" which plays MP3s so disgustingly well it should cost twice as much than it does.

THEN, my dear devoted fans, you could listen to MP3s on Random Play. Or Text Search Enter. Or Directory Navigation. all BACKLIT with a CORD REMOTE yes thank you Lord for Mojo. But I digress.

Then finally you could plop a JBC MP3 disc in on Random Play and Giggle With fcUKing Delight every four minutes or so at home, in the car, wherever.

As I do.

piss&love, Namedotcom

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