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Re: [JBC] Highly Recommended Appreciation Technique

From: Kirk Biglione <>
Date: Tue 09 Jul 2002 - 15:18:46 PDT

But you'd still be limited to whatever was on one of your two CDR's. Better to get a Nomad (or iPod if you must) and shuffle the complete Butcher catalog with about 900 other songs.

> Dearest JBC fans at home on a broad:
> You could put Every Single Friggin Song You Own on your computer with "Exact
> Audio Copy", a free utility which spins your disc 5,10,15 times to ensure the
> best guess at bits off yer scratched and smudged JBC discs, You Damned Fool.
> Then you could grab "AudioCatalyst" or some GOOD compression program and
> smack those songs down to 192kbps MP3.
> Then you could burn The Entire Conspiracy to a 2 MP3 CD-R disc compendium.
> If you use the Black CD-Rs which have excellent scratch resistance on BOTH
> top and bottom, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour.
> Then you could go to Best Buy or Some Other Wank-Pulling Megastore, slap the
> associate before he so much as says hello, and buy a "TDK Mojo Portable"
> which plays MP3s so disgustingly well it should cost twice as much than it
> does.
> THEN, my dear devoted fans, you could listen to MP3s on Random Play. Or Text
> Search Enter. Or Directory Navigation. all BACKLIT with a CORD REMOTE yes
> thank you Lord for Mojo. But I digress.
> Then finally you could plop a JBC MP3 disc in on Random Play and Giggle With
> fcUKing Delight every four minutes or so at home, in the car, wherever.
> As I do.
> piss&love, Namedotcom
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