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[JBC] occupations / hazards

From: Sean Walter <>
Date: Tue 27 Aug 2002 - 15:07:27 PDT

hey, i've been wondering this off-and-on for the last few weeks, and apologies if it's been discussed / disclosed in an obvious place, Pat and Max have day jobs?

(not that they OUGHT to have them, but rather, are they somehow eking out a living exclusively on what I assume are depressingly small royalties from undeservedly slow record sales, or are they perhaps the guys that ended up with all the money that "evaporated" out of Enron, or what?)

i guess i'd feel a little bit bad if the rush of water in "Niagara" came out of pipes whose repair simply couldn't be afforded...though more likely i'm just curious about the lives of my fave rockers when they aren't rockin...


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> pat review of last night's Wilson gig in Northampton is here:
> side note:
> in it, he mentions the band "The Streets" which if you haven't heard
> of them (him), are getting some decent press in the UK. worth a listen.
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