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RE: [JBC] Pat's latest gig reports..

From: Raj Patel <>
Date: Wed 25 Sep 2002 - 11:14:55 PDT

David - further notes below prefaced ****

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From: David Whittemore [] Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 2:08 PM To: Raj Patel
Subject: RE: [JBC] Pat's latest gig reports..

> David
> Sterling work on the web site as usual.

thanks. i like the look and interactivity of having the comments at the bottom of each and every page. those two gig reviews were pat's first go at using the feedback mechanism as a publishing tool. i hope he does more of it (i'd about had it of converting his MSWORD docs into simple HTML for use on a *nix box!)

Firstly I should point out I personally am not a web developer - more of this a little later. But I do have a vested interest. The company I work for is a specialised acoustic consulting firm. We have offices around the globe in LA, SF, NY, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, London and 4 other UK offices. We are all rely on the use of shared information and resources, an intranet site and the ability to add and upload stuff to the site daily. We are trying to do some work on this at the moment. Our intranet developer is in Sydney and its not his full time job either, we are working on ways to slick up the operation, so I know he's looking at your web site as I figured it could be of interest to us.

> I've been trying to get hold of Pat
> recently as I have moved from London to New York. The e-mail address I
> for him is Do you know if this one
> works ? I have been experiencing e-mail probs since the move, which is
> accounting for all sorts of problems...

yeah, that one still works. is probably the most stable one, as i'll keep that up-to-date to forward to whatever he changes.

I'll give that one a go, thanks.

> If not, I'm sure discretion ensures you don't give out Pat's e-mail
> to any old nutter, so if you could let him know Raj says hi, he can drop
> a mail on at his leisure...
> My new job is due to have me making trips to SF soon, where I already have
> an old friend from school residing (who is a web technologist also).
> Interested in a beer sometime ?

beer, good. 80 miles to SF, bad. i live closer to sacramento and am now telecommuting 100%. mind you, i'm not saying "no". if the opportunity presents itself and the stars are aligned properly, i'd consider the hike in from the countryside.

if you don't mind me asking - what company(ies) do you work for web-wise?

So, as pointed out above, I'm not a web developer myself, at all actually. I have a good friend from the UK who moved to SF about 8 years ago. He worked for for quite a while but is freelance now, concentrating more on artwork and the like. His web site is I know he has lots of friends in that industry so thought it could be a usefuil connection to make, if not necessarily use.

I'll keep you posted on any upcoming trips, and if things work out that would be great. Always good to catch up fellow JBC aficionados.


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