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Date: Sat 05 Jan 2002 - 16:46:10 PST

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  you are right on all counts! I have fallen into a rabbit hole and no seems to be able to tell me how to get out! No insults were intended from me, I thought I was signing up for gig notices, not a chat forum.

  That's easy, Bookmark Pat's homepage:   and check it periodically. New gig announcements are always there   anyways. Best of luck & happy Butchering!

  Well Conspirators, it has been twelve years since I heard Pat   gushing about the Spacemen 3. A few months ago, I Finally   checked them out. My God, I have become completely obsessed!   I feel like a wee bit of an idiot for not enjoying this music sooner. I am   really loving it now though & I guess that's what counts. My only   regret is the Gig's I have missed. I first listened to Spiritualized   two days after their show at the Commodore, here in Vancouver.   Aaaah! I am going to be ticked I didn't go to that gig for awhile.   Maybe I will have to start saving up my multi-coloured Canadian   buckeroo's, and plan a trip to Jolly Olde to see both Pat & Jason,   if the concert scheduling god's permit. Can anyone relate?

                                Head for the sunset and boy, keep riding,
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