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Re: Brian Wilson

From: Sonia Bovio <>
Date: Sat 26 Jan 2002 - 16:12:53 PST

Sounds like it was a lovely event Mark. I've heard reviews from a few others in your neck of the woods and all have been glowing & full of tears. We saw him last summer opening for Paul Simon - a much shorter set but still quite a love-fest. We also got to see Al's band - which was fantastic but in a different sort of way.

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From: Mark Gallacher <> Cc: <> Date: Friday, January 25, 2002 9:06 PM
Subject: Brian Wilson

>Howdy peeps, I know this should probably be off list but I just had to
>Went to see Brian Wilson in Glasgow tonight, what a spiritual experience.
>He came on, played about 16 songs from all eras (Surfs up, friends, dont
>worry baby, till i die, our prayer etc etc) and went off, 20 minute
>then played the ENTIRE pet sounds album, in order, then good vibrations,
>then 6 original surf songs then love an dmercy and off. Close on 3 hours
>worth every penny. Sorry , just had to share it, if you get a chance you
>MUST catch this tour. I am still buzzing... sorry and I will shut up now,
>Marko van Haddock...
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