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RE: No Assistance Needed

From: Frangooles, Bob <>
Date: Tue 19 Mar 2002 - 09:59:00 PST

No no no...the most underated album is of course Condition Blue...which is really the masterpiece in terms of a comple album from JB collection...and this is not opinion ;)

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<< 'Ugliest Song in the World'? 'When Eno Sings'? >>

Funny you should mention those songs, at least. Along with "Scarlett," and to some extent, "Waiting For Sumo," they are the only cuts from Illuminate I

can stand. You'll have to do better than $5.

And the most underrated JBC disc ain't Illuminate, it's Waiting For the Love


Ever listened to "Rosemary Davis..." with the volume up REALLY loud? Quite masterful, really. Along with Big Planet Scarey Planet, Love Bus shares dubious top honors in the category of Least Appreciated. Illuminate's just filler for the most part.

Okay, with that in mind, time for a trivia question somebody is bound to answer in about 5 seconds. Fill in the blanks:

The song ________, from the Black Eg project, shares a sample with the song,

__________, from the JBC album, ___________ .

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