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Re: Conditioning

From: Doug English <>
Date: Thu 21 Mar 2002 - 14:05:28 PST

You are so right about Harlan, except I'd put it behind Southern Mark Smith and The Human Jungle, and well ahead of Soul Happy Hour. With all due respect to Max and the person who said the albums without him aren't as good: Condition Blue is a great album that does not suffer from Max's absence in the slightest, in my humble OPINION.

>Subject: Conditioning
>Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:44:53 EST
>Wait a minute. Everyone knows Condition Blue's "Harlan" is the second best
>song Pat ever wrote (right behind "Soul Happy Hour"). That alone gives
>Condition Blue some pull.
>Now listen: This is not a topic for discussion, it's a proven fact and
>everybody knows it. You people always make the mistake that there are
>subjective tastes at work here -- "opinions." What balderdash!
>Now, everyone, let's list the hundred favorite JBC songs ever. In order!

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