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RE: Conditioning

From: Jennifer Dunn <>
Date: Thu 21 Mar 2002 - 06:05:59 PST

yep, I'm having to agree there. it's not that Pat's no good-- it's just that he and Max have an undeniable 'chemistry', for lack of a better word, when they work together.

My votes (in no particular):
Caroline Wheeler's...
Real Men
The Best Way
She's On Drugs
oh, god-- I've worked myself into a tizzy now!! I just can't stop naming songs! must stop now... must... stop...

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> sorry,
> but without Max, things were good but never "great"
> Waiting for the Love Bus, Cult of the.., and Fishcoteque,
> were the good albums sans Max.
> And they all had their GREAT songs, as for solid albums?
> Max was on all of them.
> damn... I want "Vienna Song" on CD soooo badly!!!
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