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Re: JBC Lyrics In the Ears of a Four Year Old

From: Numb Angel <>
Date: Wed 10 Apr 2002 - 18:07:31 PDT

It takes a while to register that British "ar" sound in the ears of an American...It's not just four-year-olds who have difficulties, either. Until I discovered the web site with the lyrics, I always thought it was "cakes the size of Africa" (in Harlan) and "visibly lost in the scheming and dreaming of you" (in Whaddya?), to name just a couple. 'E's not your average lyricist, our Pat. That's a good thing.

>From: David Zembower <>
>Subject: JBC Lyrics In the Ears of a Four Year Old
>Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 18:06:04 -0500
>I thought you all would find this amusing. While driving my four-year old
>son to and from daycare, around town, etc., he often is blessed by the
>sounds of the JBC. However, the mind of a four-year old finds oddities in
>Pat's lyrics from time to time. Some recent examples...
>While listening to Partytime:
>"Daddy, why is he singing about potty time"?
>While listening to Red Pets, during the repetitive "Red Pets...Red
>Pets...Red Pets...Red Pets" chanting:
>"Daddy, are they singing about the RugRats"? (An annoying cartoon on
>Nickelodian, for those of you out of touch with current toddler chic).
>To be an innocent child again.

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