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Departure Lounge

From: Numb Angel <>
Date: Sat 13 Apr 2002 - 19:44:41 PDT

Right, so I get the last issue of Uncut and there's a track from Departure Lounge. Aha! I thinks, Pat Fish glowingly reviewed an album of theirs and I never got round to finding it. I play the track ("King Kong Frown") and it's got a nice, Jazz Butcher vs. Gorillaz vibe to it. So today I'm in my local CD emporium and I see a Departure Lounge disc, called Jetlag Dreams. Aha! I thinks again and snatch it up and buy it. Not only is it *not* the one with "King Kong Frown" on it, but it's kinda...ambient. GOOD, I hasten to add, really good, but not ANYTHING like what I'da thunk from hearing their other track. Multidimensional, those Departure Lounge folks.

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