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Re: Departure Lounge-3% JBC Content

From: Doc <>
Date: Sat 13 Apr 2002 - 23:38:48 PDT

I gotta agree with Numb hyar.

I met Tim Keegan (frontman for Departure Lounge) when the Blue Aeroplanes toured "Life Model" back in '94. A very kind man. (He saw me wearing my "Condition Blue" shirt, and came over to ask about it. Within moments we were both burbling over how much we both like the JBC and being complete fanboys.)

Since then I've seen Homer (the previous incarnation of Departure Lounge) at a few places in England, and the last time they toured the States with Robyn Hitchcock. Each time they've been completely and utterly different-- the UK stuff was either pop pub rock or full-on acoustic, and the US show was... well, trippy without being stupid. They sat around on the stage at the Metro and did a wonderful set. In fact, each show I saw was remarkably good.

If you can find 'em, the first couple of Homer Singles ("Lucky 13" and "The Shallow End") are rip-snortin' fun.

I realise this post has about 3% JBC content, and I do apologise to anyone who read this far and has only had a tangental Butcher reference... but then again, it's all a big circle what with the Aeros, Homer, The JBC, Robyn Hitchcock, Strangelove, Loreli, Massive Attack all popping up in the mix somewhere.

Night all!


  • Numb Angel <> wrote:
    > Right, so I get the last issue of Uncut and there's a track from Departure
    > Lounge. Aha! I thinks, Pat Fish glowingly reviewed an album of theirs and I
    > never got round to finding it. I play the track ("King Kong Frown") and
    > it's got a nice, Jazz Butcher vs. Gorillaz vibe to it. So today I'm in my
    > local CD emporium and I see a Departure Lounge disc, called Jetlag Dreams.
    > Aha! I thinks again and snatch it up and buy it. Not only is it *not* the
    > one with "King Kong Frown" on it, but it's kinda...ambient. GOOD, I hasten
    > to add, really good, but not ANYTHING like what I'da thunk from hearing
    > their other track. Multidimensional, those Departure Lounge folks.
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