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Re: Departure Lounge-3% JBC Content

From: Doug English <>
Date: Mon 15 Apr 2002 - 12:32:38 PDT

Well then, if we must steer back to the JBC, I'd like to use that as a segue to say that I bought and experimented with a CD recorder last night, and tonight, finally, I will have "Bloody Nonesense" and "Sex and Travel" on "CD." Sure anolog to digital isn't the best, but it's good enough to make me ecstatic. I can barely stand being at work today...


>From: Doc <>
>Subject: Re: Departure Lounge-3% JBC Content
>Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 23:38:48 -0700 (PDT)
>I gotta agree with Numb hyar.
>I met Tim Keegan (frontman for Departure Lounge) when the Blue Aeroplanes
>toured "Life Model" back in '94. A very kind man. (He saw me wearing my
>"Condition Blue" shirt, and came over to ask about it. Within moments we
>both burbling over how much we both like the JBC and being complete
>Since then I've seen Homer (the previous incarnation of Departure Lounge)
>at a
>few places in England, and the last time they toured the States with Robyn
>Hitchcock. Each time they've been completely and utterly different-- the
>stuff was either pop pub rock or full-on acoustic, and the US show was...
>trippy without being stupid. They sat around on the stage at the Metro and
>a wonderful set. In fact, each show I saw was remarkably good.
>If you can find 'em, the first couple of Homer Singles ("Lucky 13" and "The
>Shallow End") are rip-snortin' fun.
>I realise this post has about 3% JBC content, and I do apologise to anyone
>read this far and has only had a tangental Butcher reference... but then
>it's all a big circle what with the Aeros, Homer, The JBC, Robyn Hitchcock,
>Strangelove, Loreli, Massive Attack all popping up in the mix somewhere.
>Night all!
>--- Numb Angel <> wrote:
> > Right, so I get the last issue of Uncut and there's a track from
> > Lounge. Aha! I thinks, Pat Fish glowingly reviewed an album of theirs
>and I
> > never got round to finding it. I play the track ("King Kong Frown") and
> > it's got a nice, Jazz Butcher vs. Gorillaz vibe to it. So today I'm in
> > local CD emporium and I see a Departure Lounge disc, called Jetlag
> > Aha! I thinks again and snatch it up and buy it. Not only is it *not*
> > one with "King Kong Frown" on it, but it's kinda...ambient. GOOD, I
> > to add, really good, but not ANYTHING like what I'da thunk from hearing
> > their other track. Multidimensional, those Departure Lounge folks.
> >
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