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Re: Ten Years After

From: Glen Davis <>
Date: Thu 02 May 2002 - 10:12:50 PDT

Sorry, I don't have the show you're looking for ....but this reminds me. Has anyone either transferred their JBC shows from tapes to cdrs or just plain started trading JBC shows in cdr format? If so, anyone up for doing some trading? Pat has expressed (via David to this list) that he doesn't care if people trade live shows (except if they're official releases). I have a whopping total of 2 JBC shows on cdr but have tons of other live cdrs to trade. If anyone is interested in trading, drop me a line with your list and I'll send you my URL.


> I have a CD of most of the show (thanks, Brian). Anyone have the end of
> show, including "Tugboat Captain"? Let me know off-list.
> Thanks.
> Gene
Received on Thu, 2 May 2002 10:12:50 -0700

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