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Re: live trading protocol

From: Patrick A. Timlin <>
Date: Mon 06 May 2002 - 07:15:42 PDT

  • Numb Angel <> wrote:
    > I don't know enough about digital recording to understand most of what you
    > guys are talking about, but I'd be happy to participate in a CDR tree
    > similar to the live-in-Seattle one - I have a CD burner and I'd love the
    > chance to hear the older live stuff, esp. Condition Blue era. -Angel

I must have missed out on the trading talk (finally realized my filters were throwing away this mailing list which is why I never say the emails). But I certainly would be interested in JB trading. I current do not have any live Butcher except what was commercially released, but I certainly would love to take part in a tree and help spread the shows around.

I also have a general live show trading list which might be of interest to JBC mailing list folks who have JB shows and are looking for other stuff. It includes a decent number of old Bauhaus shows (relavance: David J and Kevin Haskins both ex-JBC members and David J a JB album producer).

By the way, what is the market on this group for old Glass vinyl? I have all the Glass records JB stuff on both vinyl and CD, but I do not even have a turntable anymore, so I am wondering if I should try to sell off the vinyl to people who could actually play them on something. Of course this will depend on if my wife is willing to part with them, even though she can listen to the CDs anytime she likes.


Patrick Timlin

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