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OK, so, it's Taking Tiger Mountain

From: Doc <>
Date: Fri 07 Jun 2002 - 09:40:29 PDT

Hey All

It's Friday morning, and I'm listening to "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy", one of my fave rekkids.

Because I'm mildly hungover and so I can't focus properly on work, I my mind wandered to the photo in the inside sleeve of (I think) "Cake City". The photo's got the JBC circa ninteen eighty something, with a pile of rekkid albums on the floor. "Taking Tiger Mountain" is in that photo, so it's a fair bet that Pat likes that rekkid (well, that and "When Eno Sings" is a bit of a clue as well).

Being a geeky guy, that makes me wonder-- what are Pat's favourite rekkids? David? Pat? That'd make a nice little entry on the web page as well.

Have a lovely weekend.

We are the 801,


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