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Re: Speed Bump and The Windmills

From: Dave Ungar <>
Date: Mon 01 Jul 2002 - 10:57:10 PDT

More information on Speed Bump's arrival - or, more importantly, how to cope with the departure of Apartment 3-G:

Ahm saw-ree ta see Snuffy Smith been thrown out like 'is bathwater. He shore is good at hidin' them aces when he plays the pok'r.


Speed Bump presents an offbeat view of life courtesy of Michigan cartoonist Dave Coverly, who has won awards from the National Cartoonists Society for both his newspaper panel and his greeting cards.

Five strips no longer carried are Apartment 3-G, Cathy, Mark Trail, Shoe and Snuffy Smith. The two panels replaced are Herman and Rubes.

Some readers have expressed concern that Apartment 3-G and Mark Trail are being dropped in the middle of story lines.

Those strips can still be followed on the King Features site: Apartment 3-G -- Mark Trail --

On Tue, 02 Jul 2002 01:38:30  
 tom zimmer wrote:
First, congrats to Dave Coverly for having his strip picked up in my local rag, The Columbus Dispatch. I think it replaces Gil Thorpe or Apartment 3G :-) 
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