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From: <>
Date: Tue 09 Jul 2002 - 08:26:50 PDT

Office of the Rediscovery Ministry
Dispatch 02-2a:

Re: Burnout Procedures


  1. Remove from your collection all versions of the songs "Partytime" and "Just Like Betty Page," which you have listened to so many times they've taken on the sonic charisma of running tap water. While you're at it, throw in "Southern Mark Smith" as well. This difficult task will require you to collect all of the 62 compilations on which these songs appear.
  2. Stick all the discs in your closet and leave them there for no less than one full year. In the mean time, go listen to Big Planet Scarey Planet for a change.
  3. When the year is up, take the songs out and play them, suddenly realizing why they were so good in the first damn place.

Hey it worked for me.

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