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[jbc] Re: Pat Fish / Max Eider

From: Andrew Brooksbank <>
Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 - 14:47:26 PST

David, hi
Thanx for the note, I'd forgotten I'd sent the interview actually! the un-edited one reads (and sounds) much better but Max insisted on removing one or two...err lets say grey areas! They were on good form that night both musically and socially, Ive known Pat for many years so the interview didnt carry the first night nerves thing..which made it a lot easier. Similar thing actually I interviewed Bauhaus in L.A (for U.S Mag "Seconds") during the initial re-union shows in '98. Now this band were "IT" for me from 1980> I wrote a book that was published via Beggars Banquet in '97 and was contacted via a friend from NYC by George (the editor of Seconds)
to ask if I would interview the band for them, I think the reasoning was 1)I was English and 2)Already had the knowledge etc so they would (Seconds) get the REAL interview and in many ways they did as the band were very open, very honest and VERY friendly which was the point I was making about first night nerves...because these guys meant so much to me when I was younger and have followed everything since I was NOT looking forward to the interview AT ALL!...anyway.
You asked about a web site; not yet I have big plans but no time (full time job, wife, two kids etc etc) so it will be on the backburner I'm afraid. Apollox is a mail order fanzine that is mainly a vehicle for Love and Rockets (when the band existed)and we always cover everything that related inc JBC, Stranger Tractors, Wilson etc as I am and have been a fan of Pats music since Bath / Scandal and still love it today, so we always give his stuff space in the mag.
There are other interviews done over the years that I should (one day) transcribe these include Alex Green for a feature on Sinister Ducks (this one is actually up on David's site)Pat for Stranger Tractors and JBC, a couple with David J, one with Kevin Haskins and one or two others. I actually filmed the Wilson gig in Leeds (the first one at Brudnell) and recorded & filmed bits of the Pat & Max show (the one the interview was done in April I think it was?)which is nice to watch especially now they are a lot tighter than they were.
Its late...
Thanks for putting the interview up, I'll let you know if anything of interest to you comes up.
Andrew J.Brooksbank

>From: David Whittemore <>
>To: Andrew Brooksbank <>
>Subject: Re: Pat Fish / Max Eider
>Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 19:48:44 -0800 (PST)
>On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Andrew Brooksbank wrote:
> >
> > David,
> > Pat thought you might want to see this,
> > this is an (edited unfortunatly)interview I did with the duo in Leeds
> > back in April. You are very welcome to use this on the site (could you
>damn. i can't believe i passed over this in my inbox when you originally
>sent it - must have been a crazy time at work.
>at any rate, i've added your fantastic interview of the duo at:
>in its candor and chattiness, yours makes quite a nice companion piece to
>1989 interview i helped conduct in milwaukee, wisconsin:
>i'll be sending a note onto the jbc mailing list for people to
>come and check out your work. is there a companion website?
>-david (
>nous ne devrions pas avoir belged

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