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Re: Question

From: Scott Carr <>
Date: Sun 03 Mar 2002 - 20:38:54 PST

I had gotten the impression from the "Product" section of that it was never properly released based on this: "Nothing yet. Send money anyway." What's the story of Sumosonic? Am I missing something at ?

As for my other question - anyone else here a fan of the Bonzo Dog Band + know of any JBC links? The reason I ask is at the tender age of 18 I got the teenage dream-job (ala High Fidelity) of working in a small record shop owned by a crazy junky and his insane ex-wife.... I had a tape that I made off the radio that included "The Intro and the Outro" which I had mistakenly marked as being by the Jazz Butcher + my boss laughed at me when I declared it to be the Jazz Butcher. I forgot about this + just was reminded of it when listening to the BDB for the first time the other day.


Steven J Hall wrote:
> > P.S. Anyone have the full MP3 of the Sumosonic song "Come Friendly
> > Spacemen?" Whatever happened to that project? I've been stuck with a 17
> > second clip for like 5 years and really would like to hear the full
> > track. Please *someone* e-mail me this track - I don't care if it's
> > crappy 64kbps - I need to hear it!
> It seems you can still get the Sumosonic releases from
> Unfortunately, you'll have to use money and
> actually support the artist who made the music.

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