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Re: JBC Appreciation Technique

From: <>
Date: Tue 09 Jul 2002 - 08:37:09 PDT

Yeah, I get JBC burnout too and I kinda do that now anyway. I listen to the JBC usually when the weather here in Buffalo, NY starts to get better in the springtime - something about the mixture of nice music with the snow melting - it just makes me forget all the blizzards we get !

Another trick I have been doing to rid myself of JBC burnout is to listen to Max Eiders "Hotel Figueroa" all the time. I LOVE this CD. One of the list members (Sonia ?) put it best when she labled it as "dreamy". It's been my D drive here at work a LOT lately.



> Office of the Rediscovery Ministry
> Dispatch 02-2a:
> Re: Burnout Procedures
> Instructions:
> 1. Remove from your collection all versions of the songs "Partytime"
> and
> "Just Like Betty Page," which you have listened to so many times they've
> taken on the sonic charisma of running tap water. While you're at it,
> throw
> in "Southern Mark Smith" as well. This difficult task will require you
> to
> collect all of the 62 compilations on which these songs appear.
> 2. Stick all the discs in your closet and leave them there for no less
> than
> one full year. In the mean time, go listen to Big Planet Scarey Planet
> for a
> change.
> 3. When the year is up, take the songs out and play them, suddenly
> realizing
> why they were so good in the first damn place.
> Hey it worked for me.
> - PS
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