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Re: David J

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Date: Fri 15 Nov 2002 - 13:49:35 PST

<<Wasn't he supposed to come out with a new album recently ? Did that ever happen ? I'm STILL listening to songs like "Stranded Trans-Atlantic Hotel Nearby Famous Blues" - brilliant song by the way. I love the songs with Max in them too - very Jazz Butcher-ish.
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Hello JBC list!

The Guitar Man EP is pretty good. The two J originals, The Auteur and Mickey Rourke Blues, are exactly what I'd want to give hope for a new David J album.  

I've been in this rut where new music by new artists, no matter how good they are, just is not making me happy. I've decided that what I really need to be happy right now is the security of hearing old favorites, or more appropriately new albums by old favorites. This new EP and the upcoming LP is doing that for me.

I also enjoyed seeing (hearing!) such a great group of guest musicians. Mark Kozelek makes an appearance, as does pedal steel man Bruce Kaphan (ex-American Music Club). There is also a remix of The Auteur which features additional female vocals from Portland, Oregon's Jennifer Folker (of Dahlia, who he probably met whilst DJ'ing at the Ohm club, where Dahlia has a regular residency--she also recently opened for the other Love and Rockets 1/3rd). I'm not much a fan of 'remixes,' but the little Portland connection made me happy.

The EP is well produced... especially for what I thought was supposed to be a low-budget self-financed release. While I am most fond of David's 'Song's From Another Season,' especially Max Eider's contributions, and the overall laid back acousting thing, I think I will be enjoying the full lp when it is released.

I still have not heard the new Eider album, but wouldn't it be nice to have both J and Eider tour together to support their recent releases? They could do what Robyn Hitchcock and Grant Lee Phillips did a few years back when they toured together--both men on stage at the same time, alternating songs, playing each other's tunes. I think that would be perfect.

Be well, Jason C. ~ Received on Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:49:35 EST

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