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Re: Discography question

From: tom zimmer <>
Date: Mon 13 Jan 2003 - 07:15:36 PST

> > Will the discography ever be updated beyond Rotten Soul?
> what are you hoping to see?

There are some record cover images missing, and the last US tour CD and Cake City are not listed at all. It couldn't hurt to make note within the existing discography of some of the differences listed at The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Variations Page.

My question(s) came about due to an effort to try and figure out which JBC tracks have yet to be released on CD. So far it looks like this:

7" versions of:

The Human Jungle

along with:

Almost Brooklyn (New Invention b-side)
Christmas With The Pygmies
Cowgirl Fever (Marnie 12" b-side)
Grooving in the Bus Lane (2 versions, one not on CD, but which one?) Heartache Following Me (Affection b-side) It Has To Be You (Conspiracy)
Leaving It Up To You (Abstract magazine) The Devil Is My Friend (The Human Jungle/Bloody Nonsense)


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