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RE: Discography question

From: R&T <>
Date: Mon 13 Jan 2003 - 14:37:39 PST

Also the single version of "Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present" has never been on CD and is a very different recording compared to the one released on CD.

You mention the 7" version of Roadrunner below. Note that although the 12" version of "Roadrunner" has been released on CD but the ending is quite abrupt compared to the LP version. When I heard about cake city I asked Vinyl Japan to use the LP version and not the CD version but it was already to late in the process. I wonder why they left "South America" off the CD re-release of Gentlefolk.


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From: William Blake [] Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 5:12 PM
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Happy 2003 All,

       Yes, I second that statement......specially the part about certain JBC tracks not released on
CD.........Such Timeless classics like "The Devil Is My Friend" or "Grooving in the Buslane"
{demo version "Bus Lane(Original)" on Big Questions CD}.....along with the other tracks
listed in the previous message below..... still leaves a tiny bit of JBC road still to be covered...
.......or should I say recovered?)

.............I also have a very early comp. tape from Another Spark with the Jazz Butcher doing
yet another song that doesn't seem to appear anywhere else -"Inside Your Heart"........

         Another Brilliant cover of a Lou Reed song taken from the infamous "Cat Bag"
Sessions back in 83' which included-

   (12")-"Affection" (Cake City)

"Heartache Following Me" *
"May I" (Cake City)
"Over You" (Cake City)

              "Inside Your Heart" (Another Spark Comp. Cassette) *
             ?"Chinese Envoy"? (What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen 7"Mag)

               (*Not on CD) ?-Catbag Sessions

    It would also be nice to see "Vodka Girls" again in a more accessible release....

Also the Cassette Versions for the JBC GLASS Era albums are

            -A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA  plus  BATH OF BACON- (GLAMC 009)
            -SEX & TRAVEL  and THE GIFT OF MUSIC- (GLAMC 011)
            -BIG QUESTIONS -(GLAMC 023)-same as CD with 4 extra tracks
             has "Grooving In The Buslane" in place of "Bus


                  William Blake

tom zimmer wrote:

> > > Will the discography ever be updated beyond Rotten Soul?
> >
> > what are you hoping to see?
> There are some record cover images missing, and the last US tour CD
and Cake City are not listed at all. It couldn't hurt to make note within the existing discography of some of the differences listed at The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Variations Page. >
> My question(s) came about due to an effort to try and figure out which JBC tracks have yet to be released on CD. So far it looks like this:
> 7" versions of:
> Angels
> Hard
> Marnie
> Roadrunner
> The Human Jungle
> along with:
> Almost Brooklyn (New Invention b-side)
> Christmas With The Pygmies
> Cowgirl Fever (Marnie 12" b-side)
> Grooving in the Bus Lane (2 versions, one not on CD, but which one?)
> Heartache Following Me (Affection b-side)
> It Has To Be You (Conspiracy)
> Leaving It Up To You (Abstract magazine)
> The Devil Is My Friend (The Human Jungle/Bloody Nonsense)
> TZ
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