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Re: Mark Smith

From: dan bailey <>
Date: Tue 14 Jan 2003 - 19:31:24 PST

actually, i can think of at least 12 singles-&-such collections (some consist substantially of album tracks, b-sides, alternate versions, previously unreleased cuts, etc) -- early singles (of which 3 versions exist that i know of), palace of swords reversed, hip priest & kamerads, the collection, the 458489 a- & -b-sides collections, the totally wired 2cd, the high tension line 2cd, a past gone mad, a world bewitched 2cd, psychotick dance hall 3cd, & the new listening in collection of early '90s b-sides & such. jesus, i own something like 45 albums by these guys (nearly half of them pure studio efforts), & i think i'm just scraping the surface, though quite a few that i haven't got (& several, alas, that i have) are nonessential completist-only fare.


>No 'fense, but if you don't know who the Fall and Mark E Smith are/were,
>you're obviously............ a bit too young? Guess we can't fault you for
>I dunno, I didn't become an alt-rocker till '83 or so, but as hardcore punk
>kids we didn't much follow the Fall. Some great stuff to discover though,
>even all these years later. I still love a dose of "Cruiser's Creek" now
>then. Both of their CD singles collections are, I think, still in print.
>Boston MA
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