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Re: Mark Smith

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Sat 18 Jan 2003 - 18:05:56 PST

I know a guy who aims to be a Fall completist-ah, and last I heard he had well over 75 CDs by them...not to mention vinyl. They're an incredibly prolific band.

I'd heard that Southern Mark Smith was aimed at Gerard of the Blue Aeroplanes too, though I don't know if it just kind of came to be about him or if the song was initially directed at him.

The one time I saw the Fall, Mr. Smith spent the entire show walking around the stage, dragging his mic stand behind him as he sang-ah until one point when he stood for a few moments staring at the keyboard player (who was oblivious to Mark's nearness) and then - without warning - swung his mic stand around and beaned the guy right on the head...hard! The poor keyboard player fell back, startled, yelled some unintelligble curses, and then went back to playing the song as Smith went back about his surly lead singer business-ah. Mark E cha cha...

  • dan bailey <> wrote:
    > actually, i can think of at least 12 singles-&-such
    > collections (some
    > consist substantially of album tracks, b-sides,
    > alternate versions,
    > previously unreleased cuts, etc) -- early singles
    > (of which 3 versions exist
    > that i know of), palace of swords reversed, hip
    > priest & kamerads, the
    > collection, the 458489 a- & -b-sides collections,
    > the totally wired 2cd, the
    > high tension line 2cd, a past gone mad, a world
    > bewitched 2cd, psychotick
    > dance hall 3cd, & the new listening in collection of
    > early '90s b-sides &
    > such. jesus, i own something like 45 albums by these
    > guys (nearly half of
    > them pure studio efforts), & i think i'm just
    > scraping the surface, though
    > quite a few that i haven't got (& several, alas,
    > that i have) are
    > nonessential completist-only fare.
    > dan
    > >
    > >
    > >No 'fense, but if you don't know who the Fall and
    > Mark E Smith are/were,
    > >you're obviously............ a bit too young?
    > Guess we can't fault you for
    > >that.
    > >
    > >I dunno, I didn't become an alt-rocker till '83 or
    > so, but as hardcore punk
    > >kids we didn't much follow the Fall. Some great
    > stuff to discover though,
    > >even all these years later. I still love a dose of
    > "Cruiser's Creek" now
    > and
    > >then. Both of their CD singles collections are, I
    > think, still in print.
    > >
    > >PRS
    > >Boston MA

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