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Re: Southern Mark Smith and a lyric question

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Mon 20 Jan 2003 - 08:33:17 PST

8 eyed spy = old lydia lunch project. pat once mentioned that her version of "spooky" was really great (perhaps more inspiring to him than the orig by...who was it, the classics iv?). just more stuff for the thing....

  • wrote:
    > Kids:
    > I seem to recall this thread being examined at
    > length quite some time ago.
    > And although I am certain people will write in with
    > some fascinating
    > interpretations ( "like a fake mai tai", 'like a
    > grape ni-hi") it is "Like an
    > eight-eyed spy".
    > Ba-dap ba ba ba ba ba-dap.
    > -B

the marble tea webthing

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