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Divine Comedy west coast US tour

From: Brent Aliverti <>
Date: Sat 25 Jan 2003 - 11:54:52 PST

(sent to Lambchop, Go-Betweens, Jazz Butcher, and Blue Nile e-lists)

Apologies for off-topic posting but I thought folks on these lists have the right sensibilities to appreciate The Divine Comedy and I wanted to let anyone on the US West coast know that they have 4 dates still of their 6-date mini tour. I saw them in Seattle last night for the first time last night and they were really great. You can read my review at

Remaining dates are:

Saturday 25th
  Richard's on Richards - Vancouver, BC
Monday 27th
  Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Tuesday 28th
  Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday 29th
  Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa, CA

Hope some of you can make it! Regards, Brent Received on Sat, 25 Jan 2003 11:54:52 -0800

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